here you are with your uncombed hair and cigarette hanging out of your mouth, expecting me to fall in love with you…and i did. just like that. in all the simplicity that is you, i fell in love with my biggest fear. part of a poem i’ll finish one day  (via isabelarose)
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Ready for second bedtime after driving prince @joshua_oswald to the airport, tear it up in ‘merica for me buddy #ratchet #girlswithtattoos #girlswhosleep5ever #thankssleep #pierced #poutlips #hashtagdisaster #holla

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what if u could put ppl on vibrate like phones so instead of talking 2 u they would just shake

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Even Galapagos tortoises enjoy watermelon in the summer. Watch the full video.

Baby Kaiju

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our James Loks ‘gets’ Colin Snapp’s IRND at Galerie Allen in Paris. check it out:

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Owls may be symbols of wisdom, but they’re actually complete morons

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i’m going to reblog this every monday until i die.

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